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How to Build a Model Steam Launch

DVD Introduction

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MainSteam Launch S.S. Janna on the water in Steam

Things to look out for when buying a Model Steam Engine

Stuart "James Coombes" Model Steam Engine - In Steam

Completed Stuart Double 10 Steam Engine Running Slowly

(on compressed air)

"Southworth Engines" Large Steam Pump - in Steam

Stuart Double 10V Steam Plant - in Steam

Stuart Double 10V Steam Plant - on compressed air

Mainsteam Steam Plant featuring a

21st Century Steam Company "Titanic" - in steam

Stuart Turner 5A Single Cylinder Steam Engine - in Steam

Stuart Turner 5A Single Cylinder Steam Engine - on Compressed Air

Black Five on the Bench & on the Track - In Steam

"Southworth Engines" Large Duplex steam pump - in steam

21st Century Steam Company "Steeple" type engine - in Steam

An old scratch built small model beam engine - in Steam

A renovated vintage Beam Engine - running on compressed air

Views from the Footplate of my 7 1/4 inch "Black Five"

This is a large model "Grasshopper" Beam Engine that I rebuilt in May 2013


* 3 DVD set *

over 5 hours of highly detailed video instructions

Very Easy to Understand - Ideal for Beginners

Available in PAL & NTSC (USA) Format

A comprehensive step by step instruction manual on 3 DVDs

only £24.99

includes FREE Download of the CAD Drawings for the Launch

To pay by Cheque - Please Email your order by using the "Contact" button at the top of the page

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Probably the most comprehensive DVD set available - 3 DVDs showing in great detail, the building process of a 1/6th scale Working Model Live Steam Launch.

Over 5 hours of Quality Video instructions - very easy to understand - designed for beginners to the hobby

Full of information & useful tips for successfully building the type of Steam Launch that you see on this website. I am actually building a launch for real in the video.

The instructions also apply to any type of Model Steam Boat using a glassfibre(GRP) hull.

Filmed & narrated entirely by myself Keith Appleton, as I actually build a launch, assemble and install the steam plant into the boat & test the launch in steam.

Available in both PAL & NTSC(USA) Formats

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