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This Classic Pump has a Gunmetal Steam Cylinder and the lower Water Cylinder casting is also Gunmetal. Being double acting it moves a lot of water.

The pump runs very well on Live Steam as can be seen in the Video below.

The lubricator oil reservoir unit is for compressed air running only - it is not a Displacement Lubricator.

Please watch the Videos







This is another item from my personal collection. Made by a very experienced Model Engineer, this is an excellent example of a "Southworth Engines" Large Duplex (Twin Cylinder) Steam Pump. The pump is double acting & will move a good volume of water and is therefore suitable for feeding a large boiler. The lubricator on the engine is for compressed air running only, it is not a Displacement Lubricator.

The Video below shows the Pump running on Compressed Air




This is an exceptionally well built example of the popular Stuart Models 10V Vertical Steam Engine. Once again this is one of the engines in my personal collection. Please take a look at the detail on the photographs, the engine even has a keyed flywheel as per full size. This is a beautiful piece of model engineering and would be a great addition to a high quality engine collection. It runs very sweetly and is very powerful for its small size.

As shown in the video it can be powered using Lung pressure

(provided that the lubricant is not steam oil)

Please watch the Video below






Originally supplied factory built by Peter Southworth at Southworth Engines


This pump has been designed for full size steam boats and similar applications.

This Large Southworth Boiler Feed Pump has a Cast Iron Steam Cylinder (ideal for superheated steam) and a Gunmetal Water Cylinder. The pump has a mechanical lubricator fitted, plus a displacement lubricator just in case the main oil feed fails (which is very unlikely - but it looks good).

Also the pump has an exhaust valve fitted to allow for smoother running & prevent high speed runaway if the water supply runs out.

This is a beautiful steam boiler feed pump.


Video of the first steam test.

Stuart Models "James Coombes" Steam Engine



Stuart Models James Coombes Steam Engine

This engine, from my collection has been recently rebuilt & painted.

Here is a YouTube Video on my channel of the Engine Running PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO


Height: 14 1/2 inches

Flywheel Diameter 7 inches

Cylinder Bore 1 inch

Stroke 2 inches

The engine is mounted on a wooden display base.

Stuart Models Double 10V Steam Engine, Boiler, Hand Pump & Condenser with Mainsteam Reversing Gearbox

Stuart Models Double 10V

Marine Steam Plant

This Steam Plant is suitable for powering a Large Model Steam Launch up to 6 feet in length. Please have a look in the MainSteam website gallery to see how my steam plants look when fitted into steam launches. The Plant has a well made gas fired (ceramic burner) vertical copper boiler which is approximately 4 inches in diameter and is a centre flue cross water tube type, with a superheater coil around the gas burner for very hot steam - providing plenty of steam to run the Double 10V steam engine.

The Plant is fitted with: A Stuart Models Double 10V twin cylinder steam engine (3/4 inch bore cylinders) with R/C (Radio Control Ready) steam regulator, R/C steam whistle, "MainSteam" condenser/oil trap, Boiler Feed Hand Pump and has a "MainSteam" R/C reversing gearbox with commercial splined propshaft fittings.



Stuart Turner 504

Steam Boiler Plant

This is a "One Off" from my personal collection. (assembled by Keith Appleton)

Fitted with MainSteam "LARGE" Condenser/Oil Trap & matching Water Tank.

This superb Plant features a Hand Pump with a 1/2 inch diameter ram for quick refilling of the boiler. The Hand Pump has a detachable Brass Handle.

The plant also has a Twin Steam Turret that I made for it, complete with 5/16" x 32TPI unions (for 3/16" pipe)

The Condenser exhaust inlet has a 3/8" x 32 TPI union nut for 1/4" pipe. The Exhaust from the chimney is routed up the Chimney.

Everything is securely mounted on a Mahogany Display Plinth.

Watch a video of this Superb Boiler Plant in Steam.



Vintage Stuart S50

Mill Engine

(Built from a Factory Machined Kit)

This is the earlier type of Stuart S50 - with a Gunmetal Cylinder.

Complete with a Stuart Dynamo & working street lamp - also from Stuart Models. The engine runs very smoothly & is fitted with a genuine Stuart Displacement Lubricator. The engine main bearings are fitted with nice "glass" type Brass oilers with a needle valve. The Engine & Dynamo are mounted on a varnished Mahogany Display Plinth.

Altogether a very nice looking Steam Engine generating plant that runs as well as it looks.


Model Steam Boiler

Hydraulic Test Rig

This neat & compact test rig allows hydraulic testing of model steam boilers. The pressure gauge is 0 to 400psi. Recently built with a NEW hand pump fitted. All unions are 1/4" x 40tpi. All pipe joints are Silver Soldered.


Stuart Turner 504 Model Steam Boiler - Late Model


Boiler Diameter: 3 1/2 inches

Overall Length including Burner: 14 inches

Height to top of chimney: 14 inches

Width: 4 3/4 inches

This is another Stuart 504 "Babcock" type steam boiler from my collection. This 504 boiler appears to be a later model - when I bought it, the boiler had never been steamed & I have only steamed it a couple of times. The safety valve is slightly different in design & locates in the threaded boiler bush with an "O" ring to seal it.


Vintage Stuart Turner 504

Model Steam Boiler


Boiler Diameter: 3 1/2 inches

Overall Length including Burner: 14 inches

Height to top of chimney: 14 3/4 inches

Width: 4 3/4 inches

This is a Stuart 504 "Babcock" type steam boiler from my collection. It steams very well and I have used it several times to provide steam for my model steam engines. I have recently polished the boiler barrel & given the casing a coat of black paint.


6 inch "Southworth" Live Steam Boiler Feed Pump - USED

Made from "Southworth Engines" Gunmetal Castings & Steel. The pump runs very well and in common with all the range of "Southworth Engines" pumps, it moves a good volume of water for its size. Engineering standard is OK and the pump should give years of use. 1/4" x 40tpi unions throughout for 5/32" pipe.



See this engine in Steam on YouTube

This is a Large "Southworh" Steam Boiler Feed pump. Built to a very high standard by Don English of "Jubilee Fittings".

It runs beautifully - really well - please watch the video. The pump is shown unpainted as can be seen in the photograph.

The model features an inbuilt mechanical lubricator too. Altogether a truly wonderful model live steam pump. Even though it is listed here as a "Model", this pump would easily feed a boiler on a full size steam launch.


See this engine in Steam on YouTube

This is a good example of a "Southworth Engines" Large Duplex (Twin Cylinder) Steam Pump.

Model Steam Engine Boiler Plant

Copper/gunmetal silver soldered construction. This boiler is of the wet firebox water tube type, having several water tubes curving up from the base of the firebox to the main upper part of the boiler.

Large Duplex Steam Boiler Feed Pump

This is an item from my collection. Made by a well known model engineer, this is an excellent example of a "Southworth Engines" Large Duplex (Twin Cylinder) Steam Pump. The pump is double acting & will move a good volume of water and is therefore suitable for feeding a large boiler.


Nicely made example of a Vintage Stuart Turner Number One Steam Engine.

The engineering standard is quite good, and it is a very old collectable engine.

This is a large & powerful impressive steam engine capable of useful work.

This example runs extremely well on steam or compressed air, owing to the fact that I have recently rebuild it.

New Graham Industries TVR1A - Twin Cylinder Slide Valve Live Steam Engine with "Hackworth" Reversing Gear.

Stuart Turner Double 10 Steam Engine.

In good condition, well made & runs well too - very powerful engine for its size.

Coal Fired Model Steam Plant

The plant consists of a "GLR" copper, silver soldered, wet firebox type, coal fired live steam boiler. It is very efficient & easy to use. The boiler has a Southern Federation hydraulic boiler test certificate, issued in 2007. The plant has a MainSteam condenser/oil trap & a MainSteam boiler feed hand pump.

Gas Fired "Scotch Return Tube" Boiler - well made from copper & silver soldered throughout with a current test certificate. The boiler plant features a MainSteam manual hand pump and a "Southworth" Weir type steam powered boiler feed pump, complete with ceramic burner, displacement lubricator & regulator.
Live Steam Boiler Plant with Current Boiler Test Certificate - Gas Fired - with "Bix" Ceramic Gas Burner, "MainSteam" Displacement Lubricator, MainSteam Boiler Feed Pump and MainSteam Condenser/Oil Trap.
Vintage Steam Pond Launch - Currently without steam plant, over 4 feet long. Suitable for a Stuart Turner 10V or Double 10V steam plant. The boat is mainly of wooden construction.

Vintage Stuart Turner Number 10 "BB" High Speed Steam Engine

Gas or coal fired boiler plant with water reservoir, a MainSteam exhaust condenser/oil trap & MainSteam hand pump
Live steam working model of a rotative boiler water feed pump - new build by a very talented precision engineer


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