These superb engraved model "Engine House" floor & wall panels are made from an extremely tough composite laminated material. This material is very hard & is 1.5mm thick, they are impervious to oil & water. These floor panels really show off any steam engine model to maximum effect.

The standard panel is 10 inches long by 5 inches wide, which is suitable for most small stationary steam engines.

Model steam boilers also look very impressive mounted on these panels.

Floor panels are available in other sizes to suit your individual model scale & application.

They are CNC machined with bevelled edges & can have any area cutout in the panel that you may require to suit your individual model.

A dimensional sketch will be required in order for a customised panel to be produced.

Please email your requirements for a price quote.

The above photograph shows a duplex "Weir" type steam pump on a floor panel with additional full brick "tile effect" back panel

This photograph shows the pump on a floor panel with additional half brick "tile effect" back panel

The above photograph shows a cut down floor panel, fitted to a mahogany plinth for a very effective steam engine display

(photograph by courtesy of one of my customers)

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