Another view of my coal fired "Fowler Lion" Showman's traction engine, although it is 1 inch scale (the rear wheels are 8 inches in diameter) it is as large as a 1 1/2 inch scale engine as the full size was such a large engine. The driving wheels on the full size were 8 feet in diameter! The model is 32 inches long & just heavy enough for a one man lift.

The model has 80 lights around the canopy, all powered from the onboard generator, driven by the engine's flywheel. It runs beautifully & I steam it frequently.

It is a delightful model to look at & play with. It will pull me along with little effort as it is very powerful. The cylinder is 15/16 of an inch in diameter. Although the full size is a twin compound steam engine, this one has only one cylinder - more than enough.

The copper boiler will supply steam for it all day long.

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