Another view of my coal fired "Fowler Lion" Showman's traction engine, although it is 1 inch scale (the rear wheels are 8 inches in diameter) it is as large as a 1 1/2 inch scale engine as the full size was such a large engine. The driving wheels on the full size were 8 feet in diameter! The model is 32 inches long & just heavy enough for a one man lift.

The model has 80 bright lights around the canopy, all powered from the onboard generator. The generator gives up to 30 volts, so I used a power regulator to stabilise the power & give a regulated 3 volt supply. The dynamo is driven by the engine's flywheel. The engine runs beautifully & I steam it frequently. When the canopy lights are lit, that is the "icing on the cake" so to speak.

You will notice the globe valve on the mechanical lubricator, this is used as a bypass to regulate the amount of oil delivered to the steam cylinder. The pump is driven directly from an eccentric on the crankshaft, and was originally over oiling the cylinder.The other globe valve is for the steam blower.

It is a delightful model to look at & play with. It will pull me along with little effort as it is very powerful. The cylinder is 15/16 of an inch in diameter. Although the full size is a twin compound steam engine, this one has only one cylinder - more than enough. The copper boiler will supply steam for it all day long.

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