"How to Build a Model Steam Launch"

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Probably the most comprehensive DVD set available - 3 DVDs showing in great detail, the building process of a 1/6th scale Working Model Live Steam Launch.

Over 5 hours of Quality Video instructions - very easy to understand - designed for beginners to the hobby

Full of information & useful tips for successfully building the type of Steam Launch that you see on this website. I am actually building a launch for real in the video.

The instructions also apply to any type of Model Steam Boat using a glassfibre (GRP) hull.

Filmed & narrated entirely by Keith Appleton, as I actually build a launch, assemble and install the steam plant into the boat & test the launch in steam.

Available in both PAL & NTSC (USA) Formats

includes FREE Download of the CAD Drawings for the Launch

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The Essential Beginner's Guide to Live Steam:

How to Build a Model Steam Launch - 3 DVD Set model marine or stationary steam engine condenser/oil traps, steam boiler feed water reservoir tanks, model engineering services, steam plant assembly service, Vintage steam pond launch restoration and rebuilds, model marine steam plants built to order, plus The Complete Guide to Miniature Steam - available on CDROM or by direct Internet download. Used steam models for sale.

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